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Dragged to a drag show

Oh boy, bigger cities sure do have a lot of douche bags. During a night out, we discovered so much negative material to blog about. Thanks to JLZ for shamelessly taking most of these shots. I’m listing this in my “clearly overdressed for this” list of events I’ve attended which unfortunately seems to be growing daily. Actually both JLZ and I were overdressed for this junk. I have so much bad stuff to say about this night but it will be too long of a post. For now, enjoy the pictures and the captions.

P.S. I’m not posting any drag queen shots since I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to post!


So the chick in the white shirt made me laugh all night. She was accompanied by a very flamboyant fellow who seemed to be no more than 13 years of age. Later on during the night, she was making out with some latin lover on the dance floor
No, I would not


Eww, why would you even think of wearing a bra with that? Did you think that coordinating the colours people wouldn’t notice?


JLZ’s cool outfit, lovin’ the skirt


A bachelorette party at this place? C’mon!

5 responses »

  1. JLZ/JYZ...????

    HAHAHAHAHAHA please post the drag queen shots.
    love your blog!

    from, your biggest fan

  2. sorry sorry i fixed it to JLZ!!!!!

  3. hahaha no firks, i thought it was funny. first i thought you were making it seem like it was 2 different ppl, then i thought the JYZ was a upgraded version of JES…JEZ… JYZ.. get it? nevermind.
    keep up the great work!
    ottawa streetstyle kicks ass.

  4. yeah I hate typos, thank god JLZ herself made the observation! Thanks for reading Ottawa Street Style. I truly appreciate your support!

  5. at first i thought you were going to hate on jlz’s outfit !
    then i was glad you didn’t :]


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