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Rideau Centre expansion

The Rideau Centre, located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, has been undergoing some serious renovations. New stores appear monthly and more well-known designers and chains are set to call the concrete block home, such as:

  • Lacoste – October 2008
  • Sephora – May 30, 2008
  • Nike – July 2008
  • Starbucks – July 2008 (um isn’t there one across the street?)
  • Coach – August 2008
  • Marciano – December 2008
  • Lucky Brand – September 2008

I’m not too too excited about a majority of these but I also did hear that Swedish chain H&M will be opening its doors there in August 2008. Finally (sigh of relief)! I do wish more locally owned stores do start opening up downtown or in the Glebe and Westboro areas since there is a lack o cool brands to be found in the city!


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  1. yea! i’m so excited more stores at Rideau Centre

  2. sephora excites me – so does H&M, but I also like finding a pieces at H&M in Toronto, bringing it home to Ottawa where it will be unique….I wish we could dedicate a street to shopping, like st. catherine in Montreal…I think that was what was being attempted on Dalhousie.

  3. i agree with meanie about h&m.
    i’ve been to sehphora twice since it opened yesterday, which, by the way, was insanely packed. today wasn’t so bad though.

    & the only stores i think i would even buy at would be sephora and starbucks.


  4. Hi, all the other shops at the Rideau Centre have been confirmed to open but H&M has not. It’s been a rumour for the past two years…and continues. The Rideau Centre would like to bring H&M to Ottawa but space is the issue. Unless Fairweather or some other substandard store doesn’t renew their lease we won’t get H&M.

  5. I also heard Zara was coming which was a rumour floating around 2 years ago, however, a friend of mine told me he saw the sign for H&M which I have been unable to find. Yes indeed, they should get rid of those space wasting stores and bring H&M here!!!

  6. I have been living in Ottawa for four years now and, still going to Montreal for serious shopping. I lived in Montreal before and shopping in Montreal is greater than ever. All European brands are there. I like Zara and Esprit. I think H&M has good prices but prefer the Spanish mix of colours or the German EDC brand of Esprit. I would be so happy to shopp in Ottawa for all these brands! Unfortunatelly, it seems that this will not happen in the next years. Rideau centre will only expand after the Congress Centre will be done, which is 20011!!!!. And, they are not 100% sure will expand the mall and not build a hotel!! The Rideau centre owner sits on a gold mine without exploiting the potential. And, I agree that instead of bringing brands like Lucky Brand or Marciano they would have been better with Zara or H&M. But I assume both brands require more space than Rideau Centre has to offer. And by the way, originally I am comming from Romania (an east european country) from a city with arround 300 000 people. And guess what ? This summer Zara will open their first store there. And Ottawa, a capital and city with 1 000 000 people, has none.

  7. Hey…Alright…
    so what others were saying about going to toronto/montreal H&M’s and bringing stuff back that no one else has?
    NOT TRUE!…
    I went to friggin NEW YORK CITY and bought a hoodie and matching hat there and thought it’d be cool since no one from Ottawa would have it from New York…So I Thought…
    When I Came Back I Saw A Guy With The Same Hoodie…and then at bluesfest 2 weeks ago I saw another guy with it in a different colour…so it kindof sucked…but my point is that they shouldnt not have an H&M in Ottawa because of that… and it was my understanding that they tore down the parking garage to build a bunch of new stores including an H&M
    i hope so!

  8. What about that building on Rideau Street (corner of ?). That would be perfect for an H&M or Zara! It’s been empty for years!! I think there was Stitches or something at some point… I’ve been going to H&M and Zara for years in Mtl & Toronto and really wished we had these chains here. It would do really really well as everyone goes out of Ottawa to do some shopping at these stores! Or, they should get rid of Fairweather and stores that no one ever goes to to bring some awesome fashion stores in Ottawa. Heck, BCBG just opened…

  9. sosickoffairweather

    WHAT?? Is Fairweather still around?? Is it actually still bringing in money? Other stores to ditch: Suzy Shier, Stiches, La Senza Girl (gag! gag!), Reitmans….the list goes on!! Sadly I’ve noticed that all those stores are Candian!! Can’t Candian companies be more hip and produce funkier/better quality apparel?? But, oh yes, there ARE Candian companies that are cool – like Rudsak or John Fluevog or even the Simons dept store – they’re just NOT (surprise) in Ottawa!!
    I just got back from Krakow, Poland. A city the size of Ottawa – has approx 5 Sephoras, numerous Zaras and H&Ms, but also other great brands like Mango and Tatuum which Ottawa will NEVER see!! Krakow also has a fab Miss Sixty boutique in the old town, more amazing shoe stores than my brain could absorb (not a problem in Ottawa – hellooooo ALDO!!) Oh well, all I can say is if you want original and fashionable things, travel OR do what I do: shop the world online!!

  10. sosickoffairweather

    OK OK – I meant “Canadian” but the “a” won’t print after the “n” unless I go REAL slow!!:D

  11. I’ve been to Zara in Montreal and Paris….I cannot understand that we do not have one in the nation’s capital. Seriously all stores should start in the capital…ok a bit exagerated but of all places you would think of seeing these stores would be downtown Ottawa…right? I don’t get it. I am beyond happy that Sephora, BCBG and Coach are in Rideau Center but we need more…definetly H&M and Zara or even if they offered online shopping I would be happy. I am crossing my fingers…here’s a link to an article about the Rideau Center;

  12. I think the initial problem with Ottawa is the fact that the city is full of malls. Why can’t we use Sparks Street or expand Dalhousie and make it into our very own shopping street with decent shops? Sure, big cities all have a big mall downtown but they also have a street filled with local and designer boutiques. Even smaller towns have this, but not Ottawa, and that’s unfortunate. I don’t like malls, they remind me of the suburbs and downtown is not meant for malls.

  13. OMG i have been waiting for H&M to open in ottawa since forever. Im tried of having to go to montreal or toronto to get some decent shopping done. I work at rideau and every single store mentiones aboce has opened including lacoste marciano bcbg coach … but of course not H&M and ZARA. Ive been to Norway in 2005 in a small town called Drammen with less than 100 000 people and they had an H&M there, while the capital of Canada doesn’t/ I really don’t understand why.

  14. it’s kind of hard to find clothing from H&M that’s “unique” in Ottawa since there’s about 1100 stores now around the world… it’s also mass-produced and really inexpensive. And who cares if someone else has your clothes? It’s all in how you wear it… but I guess that’s tough to distinguish when everyone in Ottawa looks the same in their A&F/AE/Hollister get-up.

  15. I prefer Zara to H&M. The variety they offer in mens clothes is totally unmatched. Speaking of Zara, the rumors may finally turn out to be true:
    I’m betting on Jacob’s old location. The other brand I need regular access to is Jack Jones… next new store in Ottawa: Miss Swiss please!

  16. AMAZING – cannot wait for Zara and H&M.

  17. Yep! There will be a Zara opening at Rideau in May in front of Dynamite where Jacob used to be! Still waiting for an H&M and we should have a Mango as well. BCBG is expanding and there will be a Michael Kors and Calvin Klein intimates – these are expensive stores so why the heck don’t we have an H&M???

  18. A few weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to the Manager of the Rideau Centre, Mrs Cindy VanBuskirk, asking about Zara. She did not answer, although I would have expected one short and simple answer.
    I think the old location for Jacob, is going to be given to the Apple store.
    Makes sense, since that space is too small for Zara, if they bring all their collections. I actually wonder where they are going to be located.

  19. sosickoffairweather

    Yes – to confirm the previous poster – the old Jacob space will be going to the new Apple store. I have NO idea where Zara could go – it needs LOTS of room (and usually 2 levels). Hey – maybe they could get rid of Old Navy???

  20. if zara were to come i think it’ll be in the old ogilvy building, if rideau ever expands there and builds where the outdoor parking lot is.

  21. I think Zara will come in the near future, and will be located somewhere in the existing space of the mall. Otherwise Rideau Centre would have not included Zara in the list of the new stores/coming soon (below). CK Intimates is listed as well and they are already renovating the space. I don’t see though the Apple store listed, although they started working on it as well.
    Michael Kors
    Calvin Klein Intimates
    BCBGMAXAZRIA Expansion
    Based on some articles I read about the Rideau Centre, there is no plan for extension before the Congress Centre will be finalized. Meanwhile, we will have to enjoy the lovely parking space and the empty old Ogilvy building. It is pretty sad to see such waste of space, lack of daring design and conservative business approach.

  22. Zara is going on the third floor where Laura used to be by customer service. Feel free to debate the logic of this but it is true and was confirmed by mall management.

    As for a mall expansion….don’t get your hopes up, it isn’t happening anytime in the near future.

  23. Folks, I am looking for a M-65 style jacket. I saw one earlier today at the Bay Rideau, Esprit brand and retail for $149. It has 4 pockets. I’d like to buy it for my trip to Europe in December, it’s not too heavy and the 4 pockets in the front will come in handy for camera and tickets.

    Can anyone let me know where else in Ottawa I can buy this kind of jacket? I did a bit of research and it looks like H&M and Zara have this style so a trip to the MTL maybe in order.

  24. I went last week to Montreal. St. Catherine has plenty of options for shopping. And, it gets better and better. H&M is now opened on St.Catherine: big store with four floors, perfect location in a nice building.
    Tip: if you go by car, during the week-end the parking is only 6$ underground parking Eaton Centre, for example, right where Zara and Indigo (bookstore) are located.
    There is an Esprit store in The Bayshore. And, an outlet in the mall located near the train station Ottawa (the 1st or 2nd bus station from Hurdman, direction Orleans: 95 bus)
    Judging by the location, the Zara store to be opened in Rideau centre is going to be small, probably only women. At least, this is a start.
    Good luck.

  25. c’est quoi la date d’ouverture du Zara au centre rideau ? je suis passée aujourd’hui. Il a eu grosse affiche qui dit : ouverture bientot MAIS QUAND ?


  26. days ago I spoke with my friend she work at Holt& Rw in ottawa downtown. She confirmed that Zara et H&M opened may be before december 09. Zara ‘s already choose a place wherw lLaura used to be. I’m so happy to heard that. I’m crazy of Zara, Mango et H&M since in Europe where I come from.

  27. November 2009.

    I saw a commercial for the Rideau Centre in the Ottawa magazine, announcing the opening of two stores: M.Kors August 2009, already opened actually, and Zara November 2009.

  28. Oh great, more clothing stores at the mall. I wish malls would diversify and open some other, more interesting, stores. I find shopping centres to be completely boring and hostile to the male gender. Most of these clothing stores don’t even carry clothes for men! Why not make a shopping centre a place where both men and women can go? How many clothing stores could you possibly need???

  29. It would be nice to see a Abercrombie & Fitch & Juicy Couture in the Rideau Centre !

  30. I think it’s funny that people have to ask why there is no clothing stores in Ottawa? Um, have you taken a look at your village pretending to be a city as of yet? It’s full of people who think they are city and have no clue what the hell a city is……get some culture and substance and then maybe a good clothing line will follow……Not everything revolves around sports….thank god…..

  31. Does anyone know if a Miss sixty will be coming to ottawa anytime soon? Its such an awesome store!!

  32. re “Jesus” hmm a village posing as a city huh? With that bitchy rude attitude it’s pretty clear someone is from Toronto.

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