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Sometimes I wish I had become an urban planner since Ottawa clearly requires some major revamping. In 2005 or 2006, I read an article in the Ottawa Citizen about the eyesores of Ottawa. Guess who came in 1st place? The City Centre building, and for good reason! That building, possibly built around the 1950’s or 60’s is really grotesque, but it has potential! In Toronto, the old Tip Top Tailors headquarters was transformed into lofts-condos. Now why doesn’t Ottawa do that to the City Centre? They can even keep the run down red sign like the Tip Top Tailors building. The City Centre is not located in the middle of nowhere and therefore it would be logical to do something with it. Take the O-Train on Bayview and you’ll have a great view of the building alongside the cool slums surrounding it. So for all you planners who have some say in the City of Ottawa’s offices, please, pass this message along!


City Centre


Tip Top Tailors Lofts-Condos

City Centre picture from:
Tip Top Tailors picture from: wikipedia

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  1. First of all, I just want to say that the city center is not exactly in the middle of nowhere, it is basically right in between chinatown and little Italy. I would hardly even say that it is located in the slums. I grew up in the surrounding area and last i checked it was doing just fine. I think you should maybe verse yourself on the history of this party of the city before going and spreading harsh words about it. peace bitch!

  2. Woah, someone has serious anger issues! Did you design the city centre by any chance? Any way, you’re right, its not in the middle of nowhere but its not downtown either. Secondly, I didn’t say its in the slums I said the slums surrounding it (if you take the otrain you’ll see what I’m talking about, the cool graffiti below where the trucks park). You are removing words from the article to make it seem like I’m bashing the crap out of the city centre. The place is a warehouse which you can rent, something quite rare in Ottawa and what I’m proposing to the city is that they should DO SOMETHING WITH THE CITY CENTRE, hence the Tip Top Tailors building example below. Peace, love and happiness.

  3. and please NEG, have some class, don’t use derogatory remarks, its opinion, you don’t need to take it as fact.

  4. The City Centre’s neighbourhood is nothing compared to Tip Tops in Toronto.

    As Parkdale grows stronger and Westborough veers east, it will probably happen.

  5. Yeah it sure is rundown looking alright, but this is some pretty valuable land dead smack in the middle of Ottawa. With future construction of a light rail east/west line, this location will become the main transition point for ridership. Sadly the location has little to no connections to neighboring communities.
    What to do???
    Well lets not forget that the City of Ottawa is currently hearing out a few proposals to build or renovate towards a State of the art Athletic complex.
    I say build it here!!!
    Tear down that Brutal looking Frank clair stadium and relocated the athletics node to this location!
    It only makes sense in terms of transit and will do great things for the surrounding community’s.
    What about the glebe and the existing lansdown park?
    Perfect location for the national portrait gallary? A new Central cit of Ottawa Library? (we all have seen the brutalist current one)
    Great location to continue to use as an expo node,
    Leave the Civic center and expand on the idea and make it into an international style “Civic Center”…

    I believe it would be a WIN-WIN situation…

  6. agreed that the building isn’t in the middle of nowhere.

    there’s little development potential at the site because of the toxins in the soil from back when the site was used for loading rail cars with god knows what.

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