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Blood on the dancefloor

Maybe it’s the most blogged about line all year since most stylists are dying over it but I have to blog about my recent purchase from Joe Fresh.

These shoes are soooooooo cute, I absolutely adore them, and so should you! They were under $30, now that’s a bargain!

The only downfall, they are so painful that you can’t wait to get home and take them off but continue to stare at them because they are so cute. Maybe it’s because I wore them once but these were off the chain painful. I’ll break them in, for the sake of Joe.

Oh, and for those people who feel Joe is “cheap” and “eww”, please note, this is a Joe friendly blog AND just because they sell it at Loblaws does not make it “cheap” or “eww” in any way. If the clothing was sold elsewhere, the people who say this will be like “hey have you heard of Joe Fresh?” Joseph Mimran has created a great Canadian label which continues to impress me with the great stuff they come out with.

Any way, if you think Joe is uncool, take it up with L’Oreal Fashion Week who seem to think Joe is about as Fresh as it gets. Word.

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  1. i wanted to buy those in black !
    they are so reminiscent of chloé, no ?
    & i don’t consider it “eww” or “cheap” because i get it at loblaws, i find it convenient.
    plus i got some flats from there a while ago …


  2. i love joe! especially for my kids. my only complaint is that the jeans bag out really badly, so i stick with the shirts.
    i think nimran was the club monaco dude, was he not? (after sung left).

  3. yeah i don’t buy joe denim because i have a denim fetish for crazy well made denim. mimran used to do club monaco yes indeed! Here’s a good story about him!

  4. The women’s section is far superior to the men’s. I had a brief look through but couldn’t find anything that i would pay for… but some of my female friends have composed entire outfits that look quite stunning.

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