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A friend of mine who had a really cool bike moved away recently and she took her bike with her. I never got the chance to take a picture of her wonderful bicyclette. Since the weather has been lovely lately, the bikes are out in full force and so I had one mission in mind while walking yesterday: to find cool bikes and photograph them.

Since my bike got stolen in front of my grandparents’ house in 7th grade, I was very reluctant to get attached to another one. I used to be a solid biker, not the speedo wearing kind but the crazy kid that used to bike to the end of the earth then go back home and do it again.

I recently got two bikes but due to time, I barely have the chance to ride them. If you have a cool bike you’d like to share, let Ottawa Street Style know!







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  1. I love my bike! It’s a pink/champagne coloured low-rider called Rosie. Katie’s bike is pretty sweet looking too – it’s all black with a gold bell.

  2. sweet can you post some pictures???

  3. i don’t have a cute bike, but i have a cute picture of my bike.


  4. Andréane aka. babyluv

    yooo check ur emails…didnt we name her delores or something..shes a beaut but shes been killing my arse when i bike to the gats…Although I travel at the same speed as someone thats walkin..shes a keeper.

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