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The Roaring 20s

Last night, I watched the 1974 movie version of the book The Great Gatsby. It’s cliche since this book has become a necessary requirement in high school and university classes, however, let me explain. First, I found out the University library actually has a selection of films you can rent. Second, in grade 12 when I was supposed to read this book (which I did after the class was over), I missed the class where we watched the movie. Third, I am absolutely obsessed with the roaring 20s…I have a turban to prove it, half the shoes in my closet resemble pairs worn by ladies from the 20s and I’ve been looking everywhere for a flapper dress that I can afford and not one made by Lanvin (due to its price of course!)

While watching this film, it made me want to live in that era more and more. Not because they had ridiculous parties and cared about material things (oh how much of a consumer culture it was then, almost worse than now) but because of the outfits. SO, DAMN, COOL!!!

Mia Farrow was a babe in this movie and if her and Robert Redford made babies, they would be uber cute. Lois Chiles, who plays Jordan Baker, also impressed me.

I also couldn’t stop thinking about how much Brad Pitt is a young Redford. Since I haven’t been watching many films lately, especially not many older films, I never took the time to realize how much they are practically twins.

My search for a flapper dress is growing ever more desperate after viewing this film. See below for some pictures from the film.

Brad and Robert (as Gatsby) you know who is going to be playing Redford if ever they made a biopic of him!


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  1. This is incredibly amazing and coincidental (if you believe in coincidences, that is), but the other I day I watched both the Great Gatsby and All The Presidents men and I made the comment to my roommate about how Bradd Pitt has a striking resemblance to Redford!

    so in other words, I completely agree with you!
    and if you haven’t watched Rosemary’s Baby, you should!

  2. oh cassavettes…makes me want to watch faces again. does anyone know how to get that song that plays at the end of faces called “never felt like this before” by charlie smalls? I can’t find it anywhere!!!

  3. i would l0ve to get a chance to watch the 1970’s version of the great gatsby, i just got finsh reading the book for a book report and it’s one the best book i ever read it just amazes me the thing that some guy will go threw for love

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