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When bad style happens to management kids


Most stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason…they are true. In this case, it’s proven once again management kids CAN’T DRESS! Let’s start with dude #1. He’s wearing a maroon dress shirt with a black suit and a white tie. I haven’t seen the shoes but I hope and pray to God they aren’t white either! First off, maroon dress shirts are disgusting. They make me want to gag! Add on a 3 button box suit and a belt with the character from a Nightmare Before Christmas? You made the style faux pas list.

Dude #2: You have to be experienced to play with patterns, unfortunately, dude #2 isn’t, as proven by the suit and the unfortunate patterns on his tie which also includes none other than maroon! The Rolling Stones belt? Leave it at home.

Dude #3: He equally kills it with a 3 button suit however he’s not so bad because the suit is fine but if you only saw the sunglasses he wore with these, I thought I was looking at pictures from 1994. The belt makes him look like a Texan tycoon, which is where he probably sees himself in the next few years.

Dude #4: Is the best dressed of the bunch, but again, he plays the patterns card. Fortunately for him, he didn’t use an atrocious tie like dude #2.

The moral of the story is, management students, please…try and dress better. You are going to be the corporate world of tomorrow, where people dress well for the most part. So do us a favour, stop being so cocky and admit your lifelong struggle with style. We’ll forgive you.

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  2. baw haw hawh!!!
    I, too, have seen ‘that’ around, and it irks me like nails on a chalkboard.
    Why oh why, do mgmt students not know how to dress? WHY!?!?!?!?!
    This pictures speak volumes of truth; I’ve seen this ‘gettup’ in my MBA program too. ugh…

    I’ve started my own company to help style-challenged folks re-align their individuality with corporate wear. I feel it starts with a custom designed, tailored shirt; the rest of the outfit can be built around it.

    no Texas-tycoon belts allowed; no shiny maroon shirts either – unless it’s halloween.

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