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Battle Royal: Ottawa Street Style VS. Youth League & the Spies

Ok so Tracie from Youth League happened to be at the same place as I was yesterday and therefore, we decided to have a battle, street style STYLE. We both wanted to snap Lucie who is terribly stylish both inside and out. She is quite the entrepreneur and hopper of various cities. What attracted me the most were her really dope silver Converse. I always wanted shiny sneakers but never bought them and now I think I should. Her whole ensemble was well put together and her lingo matched her outfit with words like “classy” being thrown around.

Now since Tracie has been working on something about sneakers, she decided to take her outside the office and take the picture outside. Here’s where Ottawa Street Style wins, YOU CAN’T STAGE STREET STYLE!!! Hehehehehehehehe, next week Tracie, same place, same time!



dope converse


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  1. Okay, okay, okay. I’m totally late in getting my post up, but it’s finally up and running now… Check it:

  2. i realy do like her scarf.


  3. Hello!!
    I’m crazy about this shoes…but i’m in france.
    where can i have this silver converse please?
    Thanks !!!

  4. According to Lucie, she picked them up at Good Foot in Montreal. I am sure you can find something like this in France – it’s the land of shopping!

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