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so what happens when you wash Cheap Mondays?

Alright, so it’s with great regret that I inform the readers of this blog that I officially, after ONE YEAR OF OWNERSHIP EXACTLY, washed my Italien Unwash Cheap Mondays. They still look good since all the marks I have made throughout the past year and the whiskers have come out of their shell, however, the jeans have turned darker with the shine completely gone, which saddens me more than anything.

My Nudie’s are losing colour as they were thrown into the wash as well. But unlike Nudie’s, Cheap Mondays do not smell as bad as Nudie’s after a few months!

I need a new pair, maybe I’ll cover Iron Army’s new brand since they discontinued Iron Army for some reason….oh denim, why do I love you so??


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  1. I have the same pair of Cheap Mondays as you and I was wondering whether I should wash them or not. Guess I wont be doing that now, since the shine is one of the best parts about these jeans.

  2. oh why did i wash them!!! why???? its ok, they actually look neat like a darker pair, ill take pictures soon and post them! i only washed them because I really couldn’t stand all the grime on them…

  3. the shine (refered to as “calendering”) will return to areas subjected to heat and pressure. The backs of your knees, the stacks, etc. So i guess find a way to subject your jeans to heat and pressure in a way that will reproduce that found in the factory.

    you shouldn’t have washed them.


    Iron army isn’t thatt great. If you want slim fitting jeans, with slubby denim and good fading, cop some PBJ (Pure Blue Japan) or women’s samurai.

  5. thanks for the info hellahyphy…do you work in a denim factory? i only want the iron army brown aiko ones because the colour is really dope and i have yet to find another pair like that…
    and yes i know shouldn’t have washed them but hey, i did!

  6. i’ve wanted the cheap monday light dark clean wash (or something like that) ones for so long now, i just don’t know where to find them in ottawa.
    i know norml has the ones you have, but i don’t think they have the ones i am obsessed with.


  7. Did you ever try the freezer method with your Cheap Mondays? I have had a pair for a while and think they may need a cleaning of some sort, but I don’t want to wreck them…

  8. I have can’t say I felt that it worked but you can give it a shot!

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