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The saga continues

Montreal Fashion Week. So, we only got to see Helmer’s show but whatevs, it was worth it. We went shopping. I took some cool shots at Influence U, a boutique that now sells raw denim, including Iron Army. However, Iron Army is no longer in business and the owners don’t seem to care about getting a proper selection. They have a lot of brands and a lot of sizes in all the denim I don’t want, i.e. Diesel, Rock & Republic etc. They did not have the Iron Army’s I wanted (only in men’s size 30 – if I wanted to get myself a 2 person pant I would but unfortunately I have a teeny waist) nor did they have any Cheap Mondays I can breathe in. The Nudies I liked were on sale but they looked similar to my current Nudie’s, so I refrained from purchasing them. I did buy some dope Cheap Monday shoes, I’ll post a picture soon and I’ll add more from MTL Fashion Week soon also!


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  1. Influence U has got to be Montreal’s lamest store, and cheap mondays are made by the kids too young to work at the nike factories.

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