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I’m fresh…dressed like a million bucks, still worn the Bally shoes and the fly green socks!

Joaquim, Accounting Student 

Jo breaks all the stereotypes of management students, this boy has style! I’ve known him for a long time and keep forgetting to take his picture, however this time I snapped away. From his jacket to his shoes, he is head to toe fresh. He appreciates good style and always looks well put together.

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  1. fashionnation1on1

    i love it!!! IT IS WELL PUT TOGETHER AND FRESH or as christian would say ITS FIERCE!! 😀


  2. This guy is like a mirror of my friend Ife, right down to the coat and ear buds. Kinda weird.

  3. fuck that bally shit, i rock some fresh Jordans with an air jordan track suit and look wayyyyyyyyyy fresher, ya digg???????

  4. for hi rising donk, box, and bubble, sittin’ high up on them inches ya digg??

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