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It’s Good Friday and so people do weird things

As I’m typing away, there are several people behind me doing really bizarre things. One of them, I got a picture of. First, I’m not going to hate because “modeling” or “taking shots” on campuses is fine, however, as a band or dance troupe or Boys II Men, its not cool. These guys were really nice but they could’ve picked a better setting then the university centre at the U of O.

Check out the belts, they are gold, and so are the fedoras. Many people stopped to stare because of the show. There was two photographers, one for the females and one for the males.

In other weird people on campus news, there was a dude video taping himself strolling his suitcase. Attached to this suitcase was a Swiss flag. The camera was attached to a laptop. Sigh.

I’m proud of these pictures though, I wish I could add the grammy’s background in the back.


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