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After an email from a fan of the was found in the e-mail box, I realized how much the readers of this blog are so dear to me. With statements like “you changed my outlook of the city when I moved here” and “I didn’t know people in Ottawa looked like this”, it brings hope. Now skeptics will start shouting with “MOST SUPERFICIAL COMMENT OF THE YEAR” statements but seriously, Ottawa is notorious for being governmentville. Dude, I work at the government (please note it is temporary while my big bad ad exec career takes off)! It’s ubiquitous ladies and gentlemen. But seriously, we are providing hope to small businesses, agencies and more. The city is growing, I mean there’s a fashion week in May people (pencil May 22-24 on your calendars)!!! So let’s help out. Soon enough (this is sort of pushing it) but Anna Wintour sightings will be as common as politician sightings! Woah. So please, e-mail your ideas, requests, whatever, I’m open to all. If you want to contribute, I’m cool with that too. Don’t be embarrassed to say you’re from Ottawa, cite Ottawa Street Style. Vive Ottawa Street Style and its readers!


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