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Je t’aime, moi non plus

Today, Youth League & the Spies member Tracie and I entered the Victoire re-grand opening party together. The result? Well, not as many pictures as we anticipated but we mostly just wanted to show the crowd and some shots of the store. But, the two guys we got below were a gem. They just looked so, let me quote Biggy, “I stay dressed to impress, spark these bitches interest”. I just fell in love with the ensemble of the guy on the right, too bad we didn’t get their names.

Unfortunately, we did not stick around for the party at la petite mort gallery but we did stick around for the delightful deserts, including off the hook caramel apple. Let’s just say, this was so delicious, my red lipstick was all over my chin…like a child. Check out for more pics!

Don’t forget to visit the store now located at 246 Dalhousie street, just two stores away from the old place. It looks great and they have a tiny men’s section now! Also, don’t forget to check out their website for more details on designers, sales and more!


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  1. Thanks for being my date last night, Danah! So fun.

  2. I think the tall guy in the background of those first two pics is pretty foxy too….Thanks for coming guys, we had so much fun!!

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