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Ottawa Fashion Week

Since this site does get a lot of hits, might as well generate some buzz around this awesome event taking place Thursday, May 22 to Saturday, May 24, 2008 at the Arts Court in downtown Ottawa. Why you should go see this event? Well, it’s the first fashion week for Ottawa, I mean first EVER! Second, awesome parties. Third, great clothing, not only are there local and national designers, but international designers are signing up too! Fourth reason is because there is an overload of models and other good looking people of the sort…oh the clothing, oh the media…OH OTTAWA FASHION WEEK!

If you are a fashion designer, fashion stylist, hair stylist or make-up artist or simply want to volunteer, please email Rania Abdulla

If you are interested in sponsoring, click HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MEDIA KIT.

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  2. I am glad for Canadians since they can enjoy their native artists and designers’ wok.


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