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APC Jeans

I’m supposed to finish an assignment, but I simply cannot right now and so I perused the APC website for some finds and I found just that! Leave it to the French! I browsed through their Spring 08 for women, nothing too great, same for men, although it was much better than the womens. So instead, I leave you with their jean collection for both mens and womens for Spring and the cool $90 five year datebook they have under objects. I want it.

P.S. You gotta love MAC for taking a picture of a Flash embedded object, print screen eat your heart out!


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  1. I am envious of your printscreen abilities. Not of the mac though. macfag.

  2. Mac rules. Linux rocks too. Yay open source!

  3. I have a five year diary like that (well not exactly like that, it’s not APC and didn’t cost me 90$), but it’s awesome!! I feel very Oprah “gratitude journal” with it.

  4. Hey, do you know where to pick up APCs in Ottawa?

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