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Iron Army jeans

So I’ve been wanting these Aiko Cigarette Leg in Raw but the Iron Army store only has a rinsed and washed pair. I might forfeit and buy from the men’s section but I’m worried about the fit since the closest place Iron Army’s are sold is Over the Rainbow in Toronto.

I absolutely fell in love with this boy in my class who had this pair in the mens…the beautiful brown denim with a bit of shine looks great. If you’ve never heard of Iron Army before, click on the link below to read the story. For now, enjoy the pics I’m posting!
Read the Iron Army Story

Sebastian straight leg raw

Aiko Cigarette Leg

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  1. Hey! Do you know if Iron Army’s online store is closed? I tried to place an order but I got an error message. Thanks.

  2. Ottawa Street Style

    hey…hmm i don’t know i’ve emailed them telling them that their myspace coupon doesn’t work on their online store but they never responded. however, if you search iron army jeans online i am sure you can find a few online stores that sell them.

  3. hey,

    i know this is super late…but i NEED the overalls that guy is wearing(or at least something like them). can anyone help me?


  4. sorry for the late response…Iron Army went out of business.

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