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Cheap Monday Italien Unwashed

These were the first pair of raw’s I bought…which I still have not washed in 9 months! They cost me $60 CDN dollars and the first day I wore them, they bruised my hip bones and were tighter than a pair of leggings. Today, I have room to breathe and whiskers growing in the back along with some fading on the sides. The wash is unique and I definitely recommend getting a pair of Cheap Mondays! They have many unique colours and styles.
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  1. I absolutely love Cheap Mondays! I have 4 pairs and they’re always the first jeans I reach for when I want a slim, flattering fit. Can’t beat the price, either!

  2. i bought a pair a while ago!
    it was awesome i got the skinny unwashed
    i know exactly what u are talking about
    man =_=
    i couldn’t button in the changing room
    but eventually somehow i got them to button and now they’re fine 😀

  3. i’m a dude and i love Cheap Mondays, of course everyone thought i was gay blah blah but then EVERYONE started wearing skinnies afterwards…….but i still was the only one with Cheap Mondays!!!!!!

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