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Black Arrow

October the 15th 2007 Milan, Italia

Black Arrow the new label for Apple addict children clothes. Mum and dad can easily find on the web any t-shirt they like, but
concerning children choose is always an hard task to accomplish and all we’re up to are always unarmed teddy-bears and little pink butterflies. “Black Arrow” step into the scene to fill this gap providing you a tiny collection for our little Mac Lover friends. Or better: for those who will become Mac addicted thanks to the giving care of their parents. T-Shirts for the youngest are suitable for three months children up to six months ones. We provide you three different kind of design, that is for Vintage Apple lovers iPhone future owners, and a “keyboard shortcut” to show the world your “New Document”.
Your children will never go unnoticed on the nearby playground park again in front of your Windows Victims neighbors T-Shirts are now available on two different colors: steel gray or yellow. They are ready to be delivered on 220 countries all over the world.

Mauro Minnone

Press Announcement:

Photos hi-res:

For details and further information:


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